Decision Dialogues
Decision Dialogues

Episode 33 · 5 months ago

New Horizons for Decision Dialogues


On episode 33 of Decision Dialogues, Jennifer Faherty talks briefly about an exciting change for the podcast.

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Are you paving the way for the life you want facing decisions that may affect you personally and financially? The decision dialogs podcast, brought to you by Modera Wealth Management, presents personal stories about navigating through life's pivotal moments, narratives that we hope will inspire you as you create your own story. You'll learn what influence their next steps and gain insights that could help you with your own critical choices. Welcome to decision dialogs. Hello, my name is Jennifer Farty and I'm the chief Clin experience officer here at Madera Wealth Management Llc. Over the last year and a half, we featured successful business owners and their candid personal accounts of key financial decisions along their journeys. Going forward, our podcast will...

...delve deeper into the nuances of specific financial decisions. Each month, we will feature a significant financial question and share advice on how to navigate the options. We will speak as financial advisors as well as from our own personal experiences. We will help answer questions like when should I retire and, more importantly, how do I prepare for it? Should I buy a second home and when is it that right time to move? When do I exercise my stock options as a business owner? How do I choose the right retirement plan for my staff and myself? How do I give back to the causes that are important to me and more. We look forward to sharing our advice and stories with you soon when decision dialogs continues.

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